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Funny Vegan Gifts made in UK

funny vegan gifts

Fun vegan gift ideas

Do you struggle to find fun unique gifts for him or her, a vegan friend or family member? Well here is a joyful selection of funny vegan gifts, made in the UK, by a vegan designer.

These colourful and positive vegan gift ideas are ideal for families, friends and older vegan children. These also make fun gifts for vegetarians, people on a plant based diet or anyone who is trying to improve their overall diet and health. These make favourite picks for a vegan birthday present or as christmas gifts and stocking fillers.

Below you'll find my hugely popular vegan card games, plastic free badges, a very colourful vegan jigsaw puzzle, educational plant based colouring book and more...

vegan jigsaw puzzle

Vegan Jigsaw Puzzle

New for 2021 this vegan jigsaw puzzle is super cute and great for families, vegan children or couples to enjoy.

500 piece jigsaw with over 80 plant based food characters. The foods are divided into the coloured sections which is in the style of a vegan food chart. Have fun piecing together!


vegan card game snaps

Vegan Card Game Snaps

A vegan exclusive card game called 'Vegan Snacky Snaps & Pairs'. This is a 2 in 1 game and includes 3 difficulty levels for both games to make snapping and matching pairs much more fun and more vegan then ever. A funny vegan gift for all ages!

Let's have a look at the snap cards


Vegan Top Trumps card game

This fun vegan gift idea is one for the whole family, these vegan / plant based top trumps are really popular!

The card game has a total of 54 cute plant based food characters, and nutritional information making it fun and educational to play.

Check out this vegan game


plant based colouring book

Vegan Colouring Book

This fun colouring book has 14 pages of vegan and plant based foods. All the fruit and veg characters also say a food fact and health benefit about themselves. Perfect for vegan children at school or fans of colouring books.

Find our more about the colouring book


vegan badges uk

Eco Friendly Vegan Badges

Cute vegan badges made in the UK. These plastic free vegan badges are made from a wood and corn starch. They are biodegradable and the metal pin is recyclable. These vegan badges make great vegan birthday gifts.

I need a vegan button badge


vegan mug uk

Fun Vegan Mug

Here's a cute vegan mug full of my illustrated characters with the message 'powered by plants'. This plant based themed mug has a green handle and inside to promote people who are on plant based diets.

Take me to the cute vegan mugs


fruit and veg alphabet poster

Vegan Alphabet Print

This cute and funny vegan food Alphabet print is a great gift for vegan childrens rooms or as a framed decor print around the house or in the family kitchen. The vegan alphabet poster is available to buy as a high quality A4 card print.

Let's see the ABC fruit and vegetables


fussy eating food chart

Vegan Food Chart Game

Super Foodies is great for children (or adults) that want to try new foods and keep a track of it all. Trying new food for the first time can take 10 times before you or your child like it. This food chart game helps to make trying foods easier & more fun. This food chart game looks interesting


living life on the veg print

Vegan Food Art Prints

Fun illustrated vegan art prints perfect as wall art. The cute vegetable prints make great displays for living rooms, kitchens and nursery decor.

My vegan Prints are on a high quality A4 card and come in plastic free cellophane for extra protection.

I need some cute vegan prints!


activism art

Vegan Activism Art Prints

I also have vegan activism art prints which make fab vegan gifts for helping to promote awareness in a satirical way. Using food characters as metaphors for what really happens to farmed animals. These are art prints are great ideas for vegan activisits.


plant based stickers

Fun Vegan Stickers

These fun vegan stickers are great for vegans to add to things like macbooks, fridges, desks, tablets, diaries etc. Check out my whole range of fun vegan vinyl stickers to choose from, they make great vegan gifts for a bestie friend.

I love these cute vegan stickers...


plant based greeting cards

Funny Vegan Birthday Cards

I have lots of funny vegan birthday cards to pick from. They are all hand illustrated by myself and printed to order.

My vegan cards are guaranteed to make any friend or family smile! Printed on 100% recycled card and posted in plastic free packaging. Let's see more funny vegan greeting cards


shopping list pad

Vegan Shopping List Pad

This fun vegan gift is perfect for organised people who like to plant their meals and make a shopping list. A6 with 50 tear away pages on sustainable paper. It's a great notepad for productive vegan mums and couples who are productive in doing the vegan weekly food shop. Let's have a look at this shopping list pad


shopping list pad

Vegan Gift Box

And finally this cute plant based & vegan gift box contains a mix of my products. Choose any sticker and badge to put in it. Also including the top trumps vegan card game, an A6 food art print and a shopping list / meal plan. Check out the super cute vegan gift box

My online vegan gift shop

I hope you enjoyed reading about my fun vegan gifts available to the UK and worldwide. All my vegan gift ideas and birthday cards are made using eco friendly materials. I also where possible use eco friendly packing and wrapping for delivery.

Check out my full range of funny vegan gift ideas on my store. Or why not see what vegan greeting cards I have available here.

I also offer wholesale prices to vegan stores that want to sell cards and gifts, so feel free to get in touch on the link in my footer.


And please do subscribe to my once a month email with offers and insights on my latest vegan birthday cards and plant based gifts.

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