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Vegan activism art prints

vegan activism art

Exposing animal cruelty with healthy vegan food characters...

Whilst I am very passionate about promoting a healthy plant based diet through my fun vegan gifts and vegetabe greeting cards; I am as equally motivated to create awareness about animal cruelty and animal rights. Therefore I've started to create a series of vegan activism art prints that have a satirical and metaphorical focus on animal agriculture and cruelty.

My vegan art prints involve putting illustrated healthy vegan food characters into an animal cruelty scenario. By doing this I am aiming to create a funny reaction at first until people realise that it's based on real life scenarios and then potential evoke a more thoughtful and sorrowful reaction.

dairy cow activism art


This activism art print exposes mass dairy cow farming, were the baby male calves are took away from the mother to be turned into veal, which is heart breaking to see and hear the mothers suffering. I have used the idea of baby coconut being taken from a mother coconut as a metaphor to show how farms only want dairy cows, but have no interest in the male calves, which become a meat product at such a young age.



It's sad that most people don't realise about 90% of the plastics in the ocean is from fishing nets and materials. Let alone the cruel aspect of over fishing and the disconnect that people have, not even considering that fish do feel pain. This fishing cruelty art shows a bunch of oranges in an orange net to signify over fishing.


dairy is scary


When you see dairy farming on a large industrial scale it becomes known that dairy cows are just used as milking machines; all plugged up and being pumped of their milk. It is horrible to think all the calves that are missing out on their mothers milk because of selfish humans thinking that they sill need to drink milk, when it is only needed when you are a baby! This dairy is scary activism illustration shows this process in a funny way using the concept of milking almonds.


pig farming cruelty art


It is horrible to think how difficult it must be for female pigs. They are known to be very intelligent, yet have to be trapped in a small space for long periods of time, during and after pregnancy. This often leads to piglets being crushed and killed accidentally and the stress it must put the mother pig through. This cruelty to pigs art highlights this sad reality with the use of potato characters.


animal testing art


This fun illustration focuses on the truth behind the fact that animals are tested on for vaccines, medicines, perfumes and other well known branded products. It's a shame that humans feel the need to text on innocent creatures like beagles, monkeys and rats, to name a few...

For further information on animal rights and activism, here are a few supporting links:

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