About Plant Based Cards

Creative Illustrator Dan

Hi I am Dan, the illustrator and designer of Plant Based Cards. I lover creating the funny vegetable pun cards and vegan birthday cards. Also vegan educational gifts, perfect for vegans, veggies and fans of a healthy plant based diet! You will find me illustrating in North Lincolnshire, UK.

Aim of Plant based cards

  • I created this cute illustrated vegan online shop in 2017 primarily to put big smiles on peoples faces when they see the cute vegan cards they receive.

  • To spread the positive benefits of eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

  • Encourage children and people to eat more healthy with educational food gifts.

  • Highlight how a vegan diet can help improve the environment we live in and the welfare of animals that we all love.

Each vegan greeting card starts off as a hand drawn sketch, which I then scan and redraw into a digital illustration adding more cuteness and personality along the way.


Where at all possible I don't use any single use plastic. I am always on the look out for improvements to be more eco-friendly with my cards and gifts.

I always aim to provide 110% customer service as I want you all to be very happy when you receive your order. If there is ever a problem on a rare occasion I will do everything I can to sort it out.

I hope my illustrated designs put a smile on your face.

Wholesale or illustration services?

If you are interested in stocking Plant Based Cards products visit my wholesale page or email me click here. Or If you want to commission my illustration services for a product or some form of marketing also get in touch through the form on my wholesale page or email me.

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