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Fun Vegan Gifts

Vegan gift ideas perfect for all ages

These funny vegan gifts and games are all totally unique; illustrated and designed by Dan and made in the UK. Learn more about these vegan gift ideas on my blog.


These are great for sharing with your vegan friends, family or anyone who is considering a healthier diet. My gifts encourage eating more plant based foods and my vegan card games show examples of nutritional health benefits; so anyone who loves keeping fit and focusing on their health would love them.


What vegan gifts can we hope to see in the future?

I am hoping to create a varied collection of vegan games that relate to food health. I have a lots of ideas sketched out, such as a vegan board game, new card games, food charts and more eco friendly gifts such as my plastic free badges. I might even consider stocking other vegan gifts from other small vegan businesses.


Also check out my food related vegan birthday cards and punny greeting cards which are great for complementing these fun vegan gifts

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