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A colourful, healthy eating and fussy eater chart game called 'Super Foodies'. It can take up to 10 times eating food until you or your child will like it! This picky eater food chart game encourages children and fussy eaters of all ages to try new foods in a fun and engaging way.

The goal of this fussy eater chart is to become a super foodie! At that point you or your children will have become used to lots of different fruit, vegetables, nuts and beans.

Fussy eater chart Instructions:
The challenge is to eat the food items from the chart a total of 10 times on separate occasions. (For example, if they eat 6 roast potatoes in one meal, that only counts as 1 potato). Every time someone eats a certain food from the chart, they level up that food by ticking the number below the food character. The ticks are all added up, which you could do every week, to get a total score. There is a score system sheet which shows you what ‘foodie’ rank you or your child currently are, which is a great way to reward your child when they reach the next rank.

Great for children, homeschooling, fussy eaters, autistic children and adults who wants to try to eat more healthy fruit and vegetables.

– A4 Size Prints x 6 sheets
– Total of 50 different food illustrations
– Perfect for putting on walls and fridges

I really enjoyed making this fussy eater food chart, based on my experience of being a picky eater as a child and how I overcame it as an adult. I hope you like it and your children benefit from it!

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Fussy Eater Chart | Healthy Food Chart

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