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Vegan Greeting Cards

Funny Greeting cards perfect for all occasions

Lots of Vegan greeting cards and birthday cards full of funny puns and character that are guaranteed to bring laughter and a smile to someones day. My eco friendly cards are perfect for all occasions and anyone who loves a good fruit, vegetable or food pun. I also have lots of pop culture movie cards to choose from.
How do I create my food greeting card puns?

All of my punny greeting cards initially involve lots of creative thinking! Then they are hand drawn and then Illustrated on a drawing tablet. I then print the cards made to order; hand folding each one and finally post them out. Using 100% recycled card, plastic free packaging and label paper that is recycled and eco friendly.

Each punny card comes with a colourful envelope that is also fully recyclable. If you would like to know more about my greeting cards and how I started my business visit about plant based cards.

Be sure to also check out my funny vegan gift ideas and vegan badges. These make the perfect accompaniment to the food greeting cards.

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