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Fun Vegan Stickers

Fun plant based themed and vegan stickers

A cute selection of waterproof vegan stickers handmade in the UK. These fun vegan stickers can help spread awareness, showing that you of the person you are buying them for support a cruelty free lifestyle or eating a vegan and plant based diet.


Perfect vinyl stickers for putting on macbooks, laptops, fridges, diaries, skateboards etc. Each cute sticker is cut out by hand illustrated by a proud vegan. 


Also have a look at my fun vegan badges which make great accessories for bags, jackets or guitar straps. And definitely check out my range of fun vegan gift ideas, which are perfect as vegan birthday or christmas gifts.

Whats your favourite fun vegan sticker?


Share your fun sticker photos with me on the Plant Based Cards instagram of facebook with #plantbasedcards and I'll make sure to give you a vegan shout out.

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