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Vegan Birthday Cards

    Birthday cards that are eco friendly and perfect for vegans

    I hope you enjoy my wide selection of happy vegan birthday cards and funny food cards, that are full of puns and cute characters to make your recipients laugh. My cute birthday cards are all hand drawn & made to order in the UK.


    I am passionate about the environment so I only use 100% recycled card and eco friendly packaging to reduce on plastic waste. Unlike many greeting card sellers, I go the extra mile to avoid using plastic labels on my packaging; instead opting for recycled paper and compostable tape.


    What vegan birthday card or food puns would you like to see next? I'd love to hear your card ideas; so get in touch in the footer email link, or by social media.
    Some designs also make great occasion cards

    Alot of my cards are suitable for other occasions such as the banana dad birthday card, which also makes a great fathers day card. Or the beetroot birthday card also suits a great mothers day card. So if you're looking for a greeting card for a special occasion, be sure to check the other sections of my website as you may find one that matches your needs.

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