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Vegan Fathers Day Cards 2021

vegan fathers day card

Funny cards for vegan dads and vegetable lovers on fathers day

Fathers day is just around the corner. If you or your dad is a vegan (or not) and you're looking for the perfect vegan fathers day card in 2021, take a look below. Here's a small selection of vegan fathers day cards to choose from in the form of funny fruit and vegetable food puns and vegan messages.

As a vegan I find it so difficult knowing what to buy for my dad on fathers day. Whether you're looking for miss you on fathers day or just a funny fathers day card, I hope these card options make the perfect vegan fathers day card for you to give to your dad.

Vegan themed fathers day cards

Here's some of my funny and cute vegan themed cards for dad. You are the best vegan for dads that are super vegans! Nutritional yeast card with a fun pun, perfect for the healthy dads. My vegan animals card for those animal lover dads and a vegan sausage roll card for the fathers that love a naughty vegan treat.

Vegetable pun fathers day cards

These funny vegetable cards make great fathers day cards. The fun broccoli card for dads that love rock music. Fennel card for those jolly good fellows! Funny potato card for the dads that love peace and quiet, and show your dad how much you love him with this funny tomato card. Also don't forget the cute radish card at the start of this blog.

Fruit pun cards for a vegan dad

Show your dad how awesome you think he is with these funny fruit cards. Dad you're a top banana card, cute mango card, a funny grape pun card for those fathers that like to joke around. This pear card is great to show your dad that nothing compares to him!


Want to see more funny cards for dad?

I hope you liked my choice of vegan fathers day cards, what's your favourite one? Feel free to check out my other vegan greeting cards and birthday cards by browsing my website or click here. Be sure to subscribe in the footer for my once a month email with updates about my cards and fun vegan gifts.

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