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Vegan Prints

Decorate your homes with these cute vegan prints

My collection of vegan prints make great ideas as wall art decor. These art prints are ideal for putting in a frame in a vegans living room, kitchen or a childrens room. They make a great vegan gift idea and for people who love eating a plant based diet. 


My range of vegan prints vary from cute characters, ABC prints, to vegan activism art which feature food characters in real world situations highlighting animal cruelty and factory farming. I also have a selection of fun pop culture movie art prints.

Each vegan wall art print is printed on an A4 high quality archival card and is posted in a compostable cello sleeve for peace of mind.

Share your vegan art prints


Please do share your pictures of your vegan prints proudly displayed in your homes on the Plant Based Cards social accounts. It is great to see happy vegan customers.

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