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Vegan Gifts ideas for all ages

vegan gift ideas

Check out my fun range of vegan gift ideas and games that are great presents for all ages and also anyone who follows a plant based diet.

You will find vegan gifts that are great for him, her, and also children. The cool ideas below make great birthday gifts and are perfect as vegan christmas presents or stocking fillers.

If you like sending fun and enjoyable gifts made by a small vegan business you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy, that your friends and relatives will love!

Dan from Plant Based Cards is dedicated to making vegan friendly gifts for all to enjoy.

Also see the full range of my vegan gift options on the menu section of this website.


Vegan Card Games

vegan card games

These two card games make fun vegan gift ideas to enjoy with all the family.

Vegan top trumps is a great food battle game and perfect for him or her, and anyone who wants to learn about the health benefits of a plant based diet. Boasting 54 unique food cards, illustrated by vegan man Dan.

vegan top trumps

Whilst vegan snaps and pairs is a fast paced game with different difficulty settings, so there are many ways to enjoy it making it suitable for most ages.

Featuring vegan specific foods that have been illustrated in a funny and characteristic way. This also make a great card game for vegan children to enjoy.

vegan card game


Vegan Jigsaw Puzzle

Check out this awesome, vegan jigsaw puzzle known as the 'Plant Based Food' Jigsaw puzzle, brand new for 2021!

This fun and colourful jigsaw is of a vegan food chart featuring a large range of plant based foods that are required for a healthy vegan diet. 500 jigsaw pieces in total, this puzzle is suitable for older vegan children and adults.

Packed full of funny fruits, beans, vegetables, nuts, grains and vegan essentials; this vegan gift idea is sure to bring massive smiles to lots of faces! Now in stock.


Fun Vegan Gift Box

vegan gift box

You can also enjoy one of my card games inside this vegan gift box, along with a selection of other vegan gift ideas and save money in the process!

Choose any of my vegan badge designs, stickers and card game to add to this gift box. Also included is an A6 art print and vegan shopping list pad.


Vegan Colouring Book

vegan colouring book

colouring book for vegans

This cute vegan colouring book has 14 pages of funny food characters that are all part of a plant based diet.

Such a fun vegan gift idea at a very great price, for vegan adults and children who love colouring and a great way to help combat stress and anxiety too!

Each hand drawn food illustration also shares a fun food fact and educational health benefit. See more about this fun colouring book on the link below.


Vegan Badges

vegan badges uk

I have a select range of vegan badges which make fab little extra vegan gift ideas for someones birthday.

These vegan badges are made to order using plastic free materials, which means they are eco friendly and biodegradable. So these plastic free badges are ideal as gifts for earthly, eco conscious vegans.

I also have a super cute avocado pin badge which is a must have for all vegan pin collectors and avocado fans alike!

This avocado badge is based on my very first food character illustration that started plant based cards...


Vegan Mug

vegan mug uk

This fun vegan food mug features lots of my cute characters and the words 'Powered by plants'. This makes a great vegan gift idea for him, and for anyone who enjoys a good hot drink. I personally like a good brew of mushroom coffee!

The plant based mug is also green inside, making it perfect for vegans and healthy eaters!


Vegan Art Prints

living life on the veg print

Check out my selection of A4 vegan prints, great for displaying around the home. I have a select few vegan activism style art prints and a choice of vegan food art prints.

These could be given as vegan gifts for someone to put up in a living room, kitchen or any room in the house where someone wants to promote their vegan lifestyle.

All my prints are on a high quality A4 card and come in a plastic free cellophane wrap. Check out my full range of vegan art on the button below.


Vegan Stickers

plant based stickers

Vegan Stickers

I have a cute collection of vinyl vegan stickers to choose from. These small vegan gift ideas are super for adding to laptops, macbooks, fridges, tablets, etc, for spreading the message of veganism and a vegan diet everywhere!

All my vegan stickers are large at around 9cm in size and they are uniquely cut to shape by hand.

Check out my full range of vegan stickers to choose from on the button below.


Happy Vegan Birthday Cards

vegan birthday cards

What way to top off a vegan gift idea, then with my huge selection of funny vegan birthday cards and food greeting cards! They are all hand illustrated and are guaranteed to bring a big smile to those who receive them.

I have greeting card puns to suit many occasions including a great selection of vegan christmas cards! So please do have a browse...


I hope you enjoyed my best vegan gift ideas...

My vegan gifts are posted all over the UK and around the world. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter for the latest product and card updates, and feel free to follow me on social @Plantbasedcards.

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