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Shopping list pad perfect for vegans

shopping list pad

Vegan shopping notepad and meal planner

Do you plan your weekly main meals and create a shopping list for the groceries? I have been doing this every week for years now. I find that it helps to keep me focused on what I actually need in my vegan diet and reduces the chance of buying any random unhealthy treats loaded with sugar and other less natural ingredients.

After years of writing on plain notepads, I decided to create this fun vegan shopping list pad that is useful for meal planning and grocery shopping.

vegan shopping pad

My fun shopping list pad includes seven boxes in the top header for adding in a variety of main meals throughout the week. This helps when trying to write the list, as you can visualize what meals you have planned. It also helps to keep each meal unique so that you can create a mixture of tasty recipes and different cuisines.

You may also find it useful to keep hold of certain sheets so you can remember previous meals and recipes that you fancy eating again.

I have also featured some of my funny food characters from my birthday cards and other fun vegan gifts. These help to engage any children that might see it and help to interest them in eating healthy fruit and vegetables that are added to the list. I always aim to help encourage healthy vegan food and a plant based diet with fun illustrations.

vegan meal plan

What's included with the shopping list notepad?

The shopping pad comes with a total of 50 tear away pages, on a cardboard backing to keep it from getting damaged. It's A6 in size and is printed on sustainably sourced paper and I post them out in plastic free packaging and compostable tape.

If you're interested in purchasing my unique food shopping list pad, click here or visit my vegan gifts section on the navigation.

You may also like some of my other best vegan gift ideas that I have to choose from. My gifts help with plant based food education, as well as being enjoyable and fun. Two ideas are my educational food chart game 'Super Foodies' that helps children and fussey eaters to try new healthy foods. And my vegan colouring book which is enjoyable and heas healthy food facts and benefits...

Thanks for reading about my vegan shopping list pad

I am always looking to add new fun vegan products and plant based gifts to my collection. By supporting me, you are helping me to create more innovative vegan gifts that encourage a healthy diet for all ages. If you have any ideas of what you'd like me to create next, let me know! Also please do subscribe to my once in a while email to keep in the know.

I am based in the UK, although I do send all of my greeting cards and gifts to the United States, across Europe and all over the world, so have a browse! :D



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