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Best Food Birthday Cards

Here is a selection of some of my best food birthday cards for 2021. These food birthday cards are fun for most ages, make great greeting cards for vegans, vegetarians and people on a plant based diet. My food pun cards are also printed on 100% recycled card.

If you have any other food birthday cards that you would like to see, let me know in the comments section below and I might even illustrate it.

Birthday cards & puns to make them smile!

peanut butter card

This peanut butter card makes a great food birthday card, with the peanut butter character wearing a party hat. The perfect birthday card for lovers of peanut butter, mmm who doesn't love it!

cute toast card

This cute birthday card features a toasted and slice of toast celebrating. This 'here's toast' birthday card, also doubles up as a celebration card and is great for toast fans. Inspired by one of my favourite childhood films, the brave little toaster!

oreo birthday card

Biscuit fans rejoice at this funny oreo birthday card. Most oreos are vegan too, so this card makes a great vegan birthday card option for those vegan junkies.

celery birthday card

One of my favourite vegetable food birthday cards, this celery birthday card is really fun and has a great pun for someone to enjoy!

potato birthday card

This potato birthday card is super fun and has a creative pun that supports mindfulness and can double up as a meditating card. Any diehard potato fan would love this food birthday card.

grape birthday card

'Have a grape day' is for all the fruit fans out there. This is a funny grape birthday card with a cheeky grape illustration.

hummus birthday card

Here is another funny birthday card that is great for vegans in particular, with a hummus cupcake illustration holding a nacho. A great birthday card for chickpea and hummus fans.

smoothie birthday card

A birthday card for those healthy food people that love drinking fruit or green smoothies, with dairy free plant milk of course! Whats your favourite smoothie?

beetroot birthday card

I love beetroots in wraps and salads! This cute beetroot birthday card also makes a great friendship card.

One of my favourite food birthday card designs available, and a very popular card for vegans. Crispy tofu satay is one of my favourite meals, you should so try it!

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So that's it, what's your favourite pun? I have loads more funny food birthday card puns to check out throughout my greeting cards section.

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