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The Best Vegan Greeting Cards

vegan greeting cards

If you are looking for some funny and cute vegan greeting and birthday cards, then I am sure you'll find some great choices below, to share with your best friends and family. Here is an ultimate selection of my best vegan food cards.

All my vegan greeting cards are hand illustrated and printed using environmentally friendly card. I also use plastic free packaging for all of my cards and fun vegan gifts.


Vegan Birthday Cards

Here a range of cute vegan birthday cards perfect for friends and family. Also great as vegan friendship cards or vegan greetings cards. All my vegan birthday cards and greeting cards are hand illustrated and thought of by myself.

Don't forget to also check out my vegan badges, stickers and vegan gift ideas along with all the other cute birthday cards here...


Vegan Love & Friendship Cards

I have lots of cute vegan love and friendship cards. Also perfect as vegan valentines day cards, vegan anniversary cards or even more vegan birthday cards. Whether your after a good old food pun or just a cute, meaningful message, check them our below.

There are adorable love and valentines day cards tp check out on my store...


Vegan Positive Thinking Cards

Here are a few vegan positivity cards. Sending these positive greeting cards as an uplifting message to a good friend, a loved one or also as a positive mental health support card for someone who may be struggling with forms of anxiety or stress.

These positive cards are really cute and colourful, check more of them out on my store...


Vegan Occasion Cards

Here are some cute all occasion greeting cards. A cute vegan wedding card, vegan anniversary card, new baby card and a congratulations card which can be used for things such as graduation, passing exams or driving test cards.

I also have a vegan easter card, vegan thank you card and a vegan get well soon card. If there are any vegan occasion cards I have missed that you would like, feel free to get in touch and let me know or check these out on my store...


Vegan Christmas Cards

When it comes to vegan christmas cards, there is plenty of super funny christmas cards and puns to choose from. Its important to spread the healthy vegan food cheer at christmas with these funny vegan christmas cards.

Every year I add new vegan christmas cards to the collection so keep a look out on my Plant Based Cards on instagram or facebook for more christmas card ideas.

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Final message

I hope you enjoyed my cute vegan and plant based greeting cards. If you aren't vegan or plant based, but you are considering giving it a go; check out my blog posts for tips and advice such as How to go Vegan in 2021.

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