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Vegan christmas gift guide for 2021

vegan christmas gift guide 2021

With 2021 set to be a big year for vegan christmas gift shopping, Violet wanted to make sure that small, independent vegan businesses get to shine in the limelight this year.

It is very easy to buy from places like amazon or other vegan gift websites owned by large companies; but this year Violet decided this year is going to be the year she solely supports small vegan businesses!

With that in mind Violet decided to create this Vegan Christmas Gift Guide for 2021, to share ideas of what to get your family and friends this festive period.


Happy Carrot Skincare

natural vegan skincare

When it comes to having abit of luxury vegan skincare cleansing treatment this christmas, Violet was in need of an all natural solution where the ingredients was purely plant based. She was amazed when finding Happy Carrot Skincare to be the answer for all of her skincare needs, and was delighted when she received this vegan christmas gift from her friend.

These skincare products which are good for your health and the planet with upcycled ingredients, solved all of Violets skincare problems and meant she could have a cruelty free christmas.

She especially loved this skincare superheroes mini set, which ticks all of the boxes for trying natural ingredients, with 3 different flavours. These cruelty free skincare products made her jump for joy, when she realised all the super health benefits they can provide.

vegan facemask gift

All of these award winning skincare products by Happy Carrot Skincare are sure to bring smiley faces this christmas season to those lovers of natural plant power! Be sure to check out their website after reading more from this vegan christmas gift guide for 2021.

Plant Based Cards

vegan games

For christmas day, after dinner, Violet was really keen to find a fun vegan christmas gift that she could sneak out from behind the sofa and surprise her children with. Something that her whole family could play and be involved with, such as vegan game or some card games.

So Violet searched for funny vegan gifts and to her amazement thats when she spotted Plant Based Cards. She was very delighted to see a selection of fun vegan games, including and plant based and vegan jigsaw puzzle. All illustrated by an eco conscious vegan.

vegan card games

This very much excited Violet, so she decided to choose a jigsaw puzzle and vegan snaps card game, which she knows her family will just love to play.

Mamma Green

banana and chocolate cake

What would christmas be without filling yourself with lots of naughty but nice vegan food! When it comes to christmas dessert, Violet loves getting creative and making a mouth watering recipe from scratch.

Thats when she saw these illustrative and delicious looking vegan dessert recipes from Mamma Green. A recipe maker and illustrator of all things vegan. Violet was spoilt for choice with creative recipes and vegan illustrations that explore a vegan lifestyle. She just had to add this to her vegan christmas list of what to make during the festive period.

Violet noticed that Mamma Green is also a massive advocate of a vegan lifestyle and has tonnes of resourceful information and news on latest topics. This will aid her when it comes to Veganuary and when chatting to her friends and family over the christmas period.

Vivi the Supervegan

vegan childrens book

For Violets vegan best friends that she met at the vegan camp out a few years ago, she wanted to find a vegan gift for their young children. She happened to remember seeing a vegan childrens book at an vegan market she went to earlier in the year.

childrens environment book

She managed to find Vivi the Supervegan book series online. She was very happy to see both books in the series available, so bought a few copies.

Bakes by Jay

vegan celebration cake

When it comes to seeing her extended friends and family for a festive boxing day party, Violet decided that she would love to to bring something special in the form of some delicious vegan bakes. She knew that the trusty Bakes by Jay, a vegan bakery in Leeds would come to the rescue!

Violet really needed a full size celebration cake as a christmas gift to surprise her best friend with whos 30th birthday was also on boxing day!

vegan brownie & blondie

She knew that Bakes by Jay would deliver as she previously ordered some amazing vegan biscoff brownie & blondie treat boxes a few weeks ago for her work christmas party.

Clever Cotton

vegan beenies

When it comes to buying clothing for christmas gifts, Violet prefers to use small vegan businesses who also pride themselves with being ethical and sustainable.

She heard about a shop called Clever Cotton who make vegan friendly clothes out of 100% organic cotton yarns and recycled denim. They make lots of colourful beenie hats and scarves, along with a variety of other vegan gifts.

vegan cotton scarves

Violet decided that these would make a perfect vegan christmas gift especially during the cold months, for her cousin who loves wearing unique and ethical handmade clothing.

The Crafty Vegan

Violet is a big supporter of animal charities and sanctuaries. She also enjoys arts and crafts as a hobby, especially making decorations during the christmas period. So when she heard about someone who creates crafted vegan gifts in order to raise money for helping animal charities, she had to find out more!

The Crafty Vegan have lots of animal themed charm bracelets available with cute backing artwork, which Violet decided would make a perfect vegan christmas gift for her daughter.

With chickens being Violet's favourite animal, she also decided to buy a chicken tshirt which helps support the Animal Justice Project 'Change for Chickens'. Violet added The Crafty Vegan Online Sho to her vegan christmas gift guide to mention to other animal lovers.

Fetcha Chocolates

vegan christmas lollipops

The last vegan christmas gift to add to Violets list was an eco friendly stocking filler for her children and something luxurious and special for her partner. That was when she was guided by her best vegan friend to have a look at Fetcha Chocolates who make luxury, eco friendly chocolates that are organic and also vegan, perfect!

For her children they have these cute vegan christmas lollipops all with different designs on and packaged in 100% plastic free bags. They are made from cocoa butter, white chocolate with milk chocolate festive shapes and sprinkles. This was a great idea for their stocking fillers so decided to buy the bundle of 5.

vegan luxury advent calendar

She also noticed that they do luxury boxes of vegan salted caramal chocolate; this would be perfect for her partner! While she was looking she noticed a luxury vegan advent calendar so she decided to also treat herself to enjoy with her family (sometimes) in the run up to christmas!


Want to feature your vegan christmas gifts?

I really hope you enjoyed my vegan christmas gift guide for 2021, whats on your christmas list this year? Every year I look to support small vegan businesses and especially ones that I have connections with and who have reached out to me on my Plant Based Cards social platforms.

If you are a small vegan business and have a vegan christmas gift that you think is worth adding to this gifts guide or future blogs, get in touch and also please leave a comment if you liked the blog!

Subscribe to my once a month email newsletter to see my latest vegan gift ideas, new greetings card designs, occasional recipes and offers.

Have a fab, festive christmas time!



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