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Vegan Christmas Cards UK 2020

Updated: Aug 18

Range of vegan food christmas puns

Here is a few choices of vegan christmas cards in the UK for 2020 featuring cute and funny vegan food christmas puns to get you feeling all festive this holiday season.

My first funny vegan christmas card is 'Ginger all the way' from a sketched idea last year. Ginger is such a great flavour to add to plant based dishes and I love its health benefits. Therefore the Ginger card has to be one of my favourite funny vegan christmas cards for this year.

My second vegan themed christmas card is using my original falafel card character from my love / friendship greeting cards selection. With the pun 'It's the most wonderfalafel time of the year!' This idea also came from a sketch I did during a vegan christmas gifts market last year. It's so cute, check it out below...

My cute choice of vegan christmas card for 2020 is this vegan lentil themed card below. Using the phrase 'Have yourself a merry Lentil christmas' This was my girlfriends idea from last year! It is such a adorable, family and friend christmas card and puts a mile on my face.

My most popular vegan christmas card last year was 'Tis the season to be cauli', closely followed by the funny 'Jingle Bells' with two Bell Pepper characters, both shown below.

Most popular vegan christmas card goes to...

The most popular vegan christmas card of all time has to be my 'Avo Merry Christmas' card, with my original cute avocado mascot. If you know someone, or if you can't get enough of avocadoes then also check out my adorable 'I love avocado' pin badge!

Check out my full range!

That's not all! To see my whole range of 2020 vegan christmas cards and all my previous plant based christmas cards, plus all of my other unique vegan gifts, especially for christmas, check out my online store.

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