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Cute Vegan Stickers selection made in the UK

Check out all my cute vegan stickers and Plant based themed stickers that are waterproof and available on my website, all illustrated an handmade in the UK.

These waterproof stickers are great for sticking on macbooks, fridges, journals, tablets and more. Wherever you choose to stick them, these vegan stickers and healthy plant based themed stickers aim to spread the message of veganism and a plant based diet in a positive way!

Below are some examples of my cute vegan stickers.


Cute Vegan stickers, great for promoting a cruelty free life

My stickers make great vegan gift ideas for a vegan friend or family member.

vegan friendly sticker

I am always expanding my vegan sticker range to promote different parts of veganism and/or plant based diet; so hopefully keep an eye out.

go vegan sticker

Here's a cute go vegan sticker / vegan for the earth, with a very sad old earth character holding a go vegan sign. Very cute and perfect for the eco warriors.

dairy free sticker

What's your favourite plant milk, mine is oat milk. This cute plant milk sticker is perfect to promote being dairy freet.

herbivore sticker

A Super cute herbivore sticker with a cute gorilla illustration holding some healthy green leaves, great for people promoting a healthy plant based life.

cruelty free sticker vegan

Check out this cruelty free sticker with bunny ears, promoting a cruelty free vegan lifestyle. To be truely cruelty free is to be vegan, so why not spread the word with this sticker about animal cruelty.

life on the veg sticker

What do you think to this fun life on the veg sticker which promote a healthy plant based diet? This funny broccoli sticker character on.

vegan friends not food sticker

Friends not food sticker farm animals that suffer everyday because of the meat, dairy and egg industry. Promoting animal welfare and hopefully helps people to realise that we have a choice not to eat animals.

cute tofu sticker

One of my favourite vegan foods has to be tofu! What is yours? That is why I decided to create this cute tofu sticker. What would life be like without crispy tofu... mmm.

vegan junkfood sticker

Here's a cute vegan junk sticker with a cute oreo character, which is perfect for those vegan junk food lovers. After all there is nothing wrong with having the occasional vegan treat right?

plant based sticker

This cute plant based sticker features a happy watermelon, promoting healthy vegan and plant based eating.

vegan blueberry sticker

One of my favourite plant based foods to eat is the super food blueberries! Here's a cute super vegan sticker featuring a blueberry!

Cute food Stickers

I also have a few cute food stickers such as some vegan food favourites like this funny peanut butter sticker, mushroom sticker and mango sticker below:

funny peanut butter sticker

mango sticker

mushroom sticker


See my other cute vegan gift ideas...

If you are promoting veganism or a plant based diet, or you want to give a vegan friend a cute vegan gift idea, I'm sure one of these stickers will be a great choice.

See all my vegan stickers here or just tap the images above.

Also check out my vegan birthday cards, greeting cards and other plant based gifts, such as my unique plant based jigsaw below, themed on a vegan food pyramid!

vegan gift ideas

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