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Vegan jigsaw puzzles perfect for a plant based family...

vegan jigsaw puzzles

Food Jigsaw puzzle with a twist!

You are sure to find many of hours of fun with this super colourful 'Plant Based Food' vegan jigsaw puzzle. This fun vegan gift idea created by Plant Based Cards is full of charm and cute food characters.

It can makes a great vegan gift for older children (6 years an upwards), teenagers and any adult who loves to face a good jigsaw challenge!

The food jigsaw itself, represents a vegan and plant based food chart or pyramid. The vibrant colours are creatively used to seperate the different types of healthy foods into their food categories.

There are over 80 funny food illustrations, ranging from fruit, veg, grains, nuts, seeds, beans and other vegan essentials such as seaweed and plant milk!

By showing the jigsaw as a vegan food chart it helps people to visualise what sort of food they need to sustain a healthy vegan diet. It may also encourage others to try foods that they might not be used to having.

food jigsaw puzzle

Plant Based Cards creates unique games for vegans

The back of this vegan jigsaw puzzle shows the full jigsaw artwork, with each and every food character labeled so that anyone can learn what each food is.

Dan the vegan designer hopes to use this healthy food jigsaw puzzle, along with his other vegan gifts and games to capture the attention and inspire people to eat more of a wholefoods plant based diet.

One the puzzle is complete, It would make a great piece of art that could hang nicely on a vegan family kitchen wall!

Here's more details about the plant based food jigsaw

  • It has been professionally printed on a high quality 100% recycled board.

  • 500 piece jigsaw puzzle

  • Includes a printed reference sheet inside

  • Designed by a vegan

  • Fully recyclable

plant based jigsaw

Plant Based Jigsaw closeup

I have other fun vegan gifts to choose from which all make a great vegan birthday present or christmas gift. Such as the plant based colouring book, vegan badges, stickers or vegan art prints; not forgetting my large selection of vegan birthday cards.

My vegan card games are wildly popular and feature lots of healthy food facts and nutrition information, whilst being very fun to play!

vegan gift box

Have fun playing my vegan jigsaw!

I can post the jigsaw puzzle all over Europe, United States and worldwide. Subscribe to my once a month newsletter to see what new vegan gifs I have in the making!

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