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Vegan Colouring Book a fun vegan gift

Check out this super cute and fun Vegan colouring book called the 'Plant based colouring book'. It features tonnes of cute plant based and vegan food characters to colour in and enjoy all of their interesting facts...

This illustrated coloring book makes the perfect vegan gift for children, adults, vegetarians and people who enjoy eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Each illustration contains snippets of healthy educational nutritional food benefits, so you learn something interesting while you colour in.

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Vegan Colouring Book

Over 60 Plant Based colouring characters

The vegan colouring book is A5 in size and has a total of 14 pages of colouring enjoyment, with over 60 plant based characters to colour in. They range from fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds and a few vegan exclusives. Each food character also mentions it's own health benefits and/or a fun fact about itself.

Illustrated by Dan from Plant based cards. The Cover is printed on a high quality, 300gram card and the inner pagers are printed on 170gram card, so it feels like a good quality colouring book.

plant basedd colouring book

For you homeschool mums out there, this makes a fantastic, educational resource for your vegan and plant based children; helping them to learn the benefits of healthy food with engaging vegetable characters and interesting food facts.

So why not treat yourself, your child or a vegan friend to this wonderfully cute and unique vegan colouring book.

vegetable colouring book

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