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Vegan Snaps Card Game

vegan snaps card game

Plant Based Cards created by Dan a vegan illustrator and product creator has just launched a new fun vegan gift called 'Vegan Snacky Snaps & Pairs'. This is a 2 in 1 card game and includes 3 difficulty levels for both games to make snapping and matching pairs more fun and more vegan then ever!

This game makes a fantastic addition to a vegan household, especially those with children or vegan homeschooling parents. Don't be fooled though, it is great fun for all ages, especially when you start playing it on hard difficulty which is even funnier and more challenging as you have to shout out whats on the cards! It also gives non vegans a great idea of the types of food snacks vegans like to eat.

vegan themed snaps

There are many different ways you could play these cards and children will have a great time enjoying the fun and cute food characters that are beautifully illustrated on this pack.

The vegan card game has 52 colourful, illustrated food cards in total plus 2 instruction cards. With vegan snacks illustrated into funny characters such as roasted chickpeas, cauliflower wings and jackfruit burritos, your sure to appreciate the funny vegan food characters.

Also featured on the highly popular @weareveganuary and @plantbasednews. Vegan Snacky Snaps and Pairs is printed on FSC accredited card stock and posted out in plastic free, eco friendly packaging; making it the perfect vegan gift.

This funny vegan gift is available to buy now, and there is also a saving if you buy Dan's other unique card game the popular 'Plant Based Top Trumps' as well. Sure to be a favourite vegan gift this christmas 2020!

Check out Vegan snacky snaps and pairs for yourself... Click here

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