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Vegan Top Trumps Card Game

How Plant based cards started...

It has been a few years since creating my illustrated vegan gifts and birthday cards brand called 'Plant based cards', and here is my Vegan Top Trumps card game, a fun vegan gift for all ages!

Plant based cards was initially a personal illustration project. It started when my vegan sister asked if I would illustrate an avocado pun character for a christmas card. I decided to take her up on this illustration challenge and she loved the outcome!

avocado vegan christmas card

This really got me thinking... 'I wonder if people want to buy these?' and 'What if I could sell these illustration designs online?'

I decided to create 5 more illustrated christmas card designs. Each illustrated card had a different plant based food character. I now have nearly 100 illustrated cards and vegan gifts available.


Vegan top trumps card game

I really liked the idea of adding other vegan gifts and products to the plant based brand I had started. By doing lots of research and brainstorming I was able to design the idea of a totally unique Plant Based and Vegan Top Trumps card game! I noticed that no one else had ever done this, so that was a great start!

After drawing and researching food nutrition for about a month; I had finally designed 54 illustrated plant based food characters along with their health benefits!

Plant based top trumps is available to buy online. I am overwhelmed how successful this vegan card game is. And it has helped me gain many 5 star testimonials on my Etsy page and website. It gives me enthusiasm for making future vegan card games for everyone to enjoy.

"Lovely quality cards with much thought having been given to the characters and game. Made a wonderful gift!"

It brings me great joy knowing that so many people and children of all ages are benefiting from the vegan top trumps card game. Click the links if you like what you see and check out my other vegan gifts and plant based birthday cards. I was able to get these printed from a print and design company called, who are always ahead when it comes to sustainable printing.

Here is a related fun vegan gifts blog post that shows alot of my of vegan games and products:



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