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Vegan Top Trumps Card Game

Updated: May 15

How Plant based cards started...

It has been a few years since setting up my illustrated vegan greeting cards brand and business called 'Plant based cards', and nearly a year since launching the Vegan Top Trumps card game.

Plant based cards was initially a personal illustration project. It started when my vegan sister asked if I would illustrate an avocado pun character for a christmas card. I decided to take her up on this illustration challenge and she loved the outcome!

This really got me thinking... 'I wonder if people want to buy these?' and 'What if I could sell these illustration designs online?'

I decided to create 5 more illustrated christmas card designs. Each illustrated card had a different plant based food character.

Researching competition & target audience

I started researching competition on Etsy and other selling sites; I needed to know how other people create and promote greeting card brands online.

There is a huge amount of other greeting card businesses on Etsy alone. However, I noticed a gap in the market for the style of illustrations that I had created. And as Veganism is such a growing market; I decided to make the brands target audience predominantly for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who is interested in nutrition.

I then took the decision to invest in a small amount of printed stock for each card, just in time for christmas.

cute vegan food characters

Vegan top trumps card game

I really liked the idea of adding other vegan gifts and products to the brand I had created. By doing more research and brainstorming I was able to design the idea of a totally unique Plant Based Top Trumps card game! I noticed that no one else had ever done this!

After drawing and researching food nutrition constantly for about a month; I had finally designed 54 cute illustrated characters along with their health benefits!

Plant based top trumps has been available to buy for nearly a year. I am overwhelmed how successful it has been as a side project for me. And it has helped me gain many 5 star testimonials on my Etsy page.

"Lovely quality cards with much thought having been given to the characters and game. Made a wonderful gift!"

It brings me great joy knowing that so many people and children of all ages are benefiting from the game and brand that I have created. Click the links if you like what you see and check out my other vegan gifts and plant based birthday cards. I was able to get these printed from a print and design company called systematicprint.com, who are always ahead when it comes to sustainable printing.

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