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Healthy Eating Game

Updated: Oct 5

Here's my unique healthy eating game food chart called 'Super Foodies', making eating new foods fun. It can take up to 10 times eating healthy food until you or your child will like it! This food game helps to make that fun and easier.

Why I created this healthy food game

I came up with the idea because I was a fussy eater growing up and refused to eat so many healthy foods; I decided to make a game hoping that it could help other fussy eaters to try new foods. It occured to me a few years ago when going vegan that I needed to eat more fruit. So I started with a banana and tried a banana everyday for a week while on holiday, by the time I had eaten about 7 bananas, I got used to eating them!

I also enjoy playing computer games and especially ones where you level up. I think its because you see progress and development. Therefore I decided to apply that idea to this food chart game to make in more rewarding.

Food chart game Instructions


The aim is to become a healthy eating , super foodie!

Your child (or anyone) eats a food item from a meal or on its own on seperate occasions, up to 10 times. (eg. if you eat 6 roast potatoes, that only counts as 1 potato). Every time they eat, they level up that food by ticking the number below the food. The ticks are added up to get a total score. There is a score system which shows you what RANK you currently are!

A really unique game! Perfect for children, vegans, vegetarians, homeschooling, children on the spectrum and anyone who wants their children to eat better.

– Available as printed or digital version

– Total of 50 different foods.

– Perfect for walls

– Fantastic for encouraging children to eat healthy.

I hope you like it and your children benefit from it!

You can get super foodes to buy here or just click the image of the super foodies game above. Also feel free to check out my other food games and other plant based gifts that have my cute characters on.

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