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Healthy eating gifts and plant based gift ideas...

shopping list pad

Fun healthy food gifts and games

Are you looking to get a fun healthy eating gift for that someone who loves eating healthy foods and is conscious of what food they eat? Or maybe you're looking for healthy food gift ideas that may also help you or your partner to improve your diet and even transition to having more healthy plant based foods...

Well look no further, check out my fun plant based gifts below, which are perfect as a vegan gift idea or for people who are trying to improve their diet.


Healthy eating games, great for family and friends to play...

healthy eating gifts

These two very popular healthy food card games make fantastic fun vegan gift ideas and healthy eating gifts. Plant based top trumps contains 54 healthy food characters full of health benefits and play the game by comparing approximate nutrition values. Such a unique food game!

Vegan snaps card game has lots of vegan food specific characters such as 'banana nice cream' and 'cauliflower wings', great for giving non vegans, food ideas and also great as a fast paced game to play with your friends and children.


This plant based colouring book makes a perfect healthy food gift

healthy food gift
food colouring book

Here's a great healthy eating food gift for someone who loves abit of creative colouring. This healthy colouring book has 14 pages full of lots of fruits and vegetables, with a random health benefit about each one. Great for teaching about healthy, plant based food education as well as enjoying.


Healthy food jigsaw puzzle

food jigsaw puzzle

Here's a very colourful and fun healthy food jigsaw puzzle. In the style of a plant based pie chart, featuring over 80 fruits, vegetables and other foods. This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle makes a great vegan gift idea, and is suitable for anyone above the age of 6. Printed on 100% recycled card and is sure to be a popular plant based christmas gift this year!


A healthy eating game / picky eaters chart for trying new foods

healthy eating game

healthy food chart game

Super foodies is an engaging heathy eating chart game, that involves ticking every time someone has eaten the certain food. This is a great picky eater food chart game for helping children or fussy eaters to eat new foods. It might also help autistic children to try healthier foods with lots of colourful, engaging characters.

Do you know someone who might have a picky eating child struggling to eat healthy? If so, this picky eater chart could make a a real difference and makes a great healthy gift idea.


Healthy shopping list pad makes a great gift idea for organised people

healthy shopping list pad

This healthy shopping list pad comes with a total of 50 tear away sustainably printed pages, on a cardboard backing to prevent it from getting damaged. A perfect healthy gift for the organised, healthy person that loves to cook creative meals and likes trying new recipes all the time.

A great healthy food gift for homeschooling parents or mums who are educating their children about foods with all the fun food characters. It's A6 in size and is printed on sustainable paper.


The healthy plant based mug with lots of fruits and vegetables

plant based mug

Here is a plant based mug that makes a great healthy gift for those drinkers of herbal teas or coffee. With the words, 'powered by plants' this healthy fruit and vegetable mug is full of charm and is a great reminder of eating healthy foods and promoting a plant based life.


Thanks for checking out my fun healthy gift ideas!

I am always looking to create new healthy food gifts and games for healthy people and vegans. Ii like to encourage a healthy diet for all ages. Also if you'd like to subscribe to my email and get 10% off your first order, you'll also receive updates once a month.

You may also like my funny food greeting cards. I post all of my healthy gifts and funny food birthday cards in plastic free packaging and I use compostable tape.



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