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Vegan Valentines Day Cards

vegan valenines day cards

Here is a cute selection of Vegan Valentines Day Cards all handmade and illustrated in the UK, by Dan the vegan.

'You're my Sweet Potato' card and 'Avocado Mashup' card which includes a Pin Badge are two of my most popular vegan valentines day cards.

I have lots of vegan valentine cards below and more on my main website pages...

To see the full range of vegan love & friendship cards, click on my greeting cards navigation at the top of the page.

Also don't forget to have a look at my fun vegan gifts and games, vegan badges, stickers or art prints in the navigation or on this link.

Cute vegan food love cards

sweet potato card

This cute sweet potato card makes the perfect valentines day card for vegans, people on plant based diets or anyone who just loves eating sweet potato!

Avocado Valentines Day Card

Super cute mash up avocado valentines card and includes a cute avocado pin badge, perfect for fans of avocado and also pin badge collectors. A super adorable vegan love card and gift this valentines day.

vegan blueberry card

This cute vegan card is perfect for those healthy vegans that love eating lots of berries, I absolutely love blueberries and can't go without them!

herb valentines day card

This by my valentine card makes a great choice for lovers off herbs and plants. What is your favourite herb or spice?

spring onion greeting card

A cute spring onion card for those fans of this tasty small green root vegetable and anyone who loves spring and can't wait for better weather!

leek card

Here's another root type vegetable pun, with this cute leek card.

olive you card

This cute olive card is great for those lovers of olives, I am one of them! If you're not that keen I recommend trying the slightly more expensive ones with sundried tomatoes or garlic in the middle...mmmm.

tomato card

Cute tomato love card 'I love you from my head tomatoes' with a funny tomato character showing off its toes! Fresh tomatoes are just the best!

More popular Vegan Valentines day cards & love cards...

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I hope you like my large selection of vegan valentines day cards and food puns. Also check out my blog post about my ultimate vegan greeting cards on the link below:



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