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Food Valentines Cards

food valentines cards

Spread love with these cute food pun valentines cards!

Does your loved one have a favourite food, treat or ingredient that they sure can’t go without? Are you looking for a vegan food valentines card in particular?

In this greeting card blog I share with you some of my favourite and most popular choice of food valentines cards and to share with your partner, husband or wife...

Be my valentine

If your partner is a fan of plants or using lots of herbs within their dishes, then this card might be the one for them. This cute be my valentines card, features everyone’s staple herb - thyme, as a character and really adorable pun ‘Valenthyme’.


Hot chocolate card

We all love getting really cosy in these cold winter nights. Valentines day certainly doesn’t have to be an exception. This hug in a mug card makes a great hot chocolate valentines card idea.


Nuts about you card

I sure really love eating nuts in my cereal every morning, especially brazil nuts! What’s you favourite nut to snack on? This food valentines card is perfect for the nut lovers out there.


Sweet potato valentines day

I do love a good sweet potato curry! There is no surprise that this sweet potato card is one of my most popular food valentines cards. Sweet potato is super popular amongst vegans and a healthy option. How do you prefer eating sweet potato?


Blueberry Valentine’s Day card

I have to admit I am addicted to blueberries; so much so that I’m sure I get anxiety when we have none left in the fridge! This raspberry and blueberry valentines card is super cute and makes a fun food valentines pun. What’s your favourite berry?


Avocado valentines card

Last but not least, is this adorable avocado valentines card, which also comes with an avocado pin badge! Featuring guacamole, avocado on toast and my super cute I love avocado enamel pin. Well worth gifting as a great valentine’s day card and gift for those die hard avocado fans.


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I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my food valentines cards... I have many more love cards to choose from so be sure to have a browse. Not limited to just them, also check out my other food greeting cards, funny birthday cards and vegan gift ideas.

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