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Cute Positive cards & Mental health cards

positive cards

I've created a collection of cute positive cards and supportive mental health cards. These can be sent to your best friends as friendship cards, missing you cards, get well soon cards and anxiety cards for supporting someone who is feeling lo. Or if you just feel like sending a positive thinking message to a special someone.

Do you have any friends that are struggling with their mental health and may need a pick me up greeting card? Or do you know anyone thats not been feeling very well and needs a bit of comfort in their life? Or anyone that you just generally miss and want to spread some happy thoughts? Then one of these cute positive cards could do the trick.

Cute Greeting cards to share some positivity

mango card

Here's a cute mango greeting card with you are magnificent pun, to give someone a positive affirmation message.

thinking about you card

Send some positivity with this been thinking about you card for someone who may besuffering with mental health or another difficulty.

hug in a mug card

Here's a hug in a mug card with a cute hot chocolate character. Perfect for sending to your best friends and people that love a good hug or a hot chocolate treat.

happy thoughts card

This sending happy thoughts card is a great positive card for uplifting and putting a smile on a persons face. Featuring a cute, positive pea character wearing a sun costume.

miss you card

What about this super adorable and cute miss you card? Featuring a cashew nut making a love heart sign and a punny message. Perfect missing you ard for sending to someone to show how much you miss them and make them smile.

meditation card

How about supporting mental health and anxiety with this positive mindset card. Featuring a funny potato character and a really creative pun, this meditation card is bound to make someone laugh.

cute get well soon card

Here's a cute get well soon card that supports someone who has been feeling poorly or is going through an illness. Featuring a cute mushroom and cute message.

mental health cards

And lastly, the perfect card to pick up someones spirits. Great as an anxiety support card, mental health card and for just sending a lot of positivity.

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I hope you like my selection of cute positive cards and mental health cards for supporting people with anxiety, depression or any other difficulties in life. Also check out my related blog posts about my funny vegetable greeting cards and all occasion greeting cards...

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