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Cute fruit cards to feast on!

cute fruit cards

See my fun range of fruit greeting cards below...

If like me you love all the delicious fruits of this world and you are susceptible to a good pun, then you'll be sure to find a cute card below that will make your best friends or family members smile with joy!

I have sectioned the cards out by types and if you like fruit but fancy seeing a vegetable or other types of food, check out my full range of cute greeting cards and funny vegan gifts from the top menu...

To top it off, all of my fruit cards and food greeting cards are printed on 100% recycled card and I post all my gifts out in plastic free packaging.

Fruit birthday cards

funny dad birthday card

Here's a great dad birthday card with a fun banana pun and character. After all what dads aren't known for their daddy dancing and being abit bananas!

mango birthday card

When it comes to fruit birthday cards, what is more perfect then one of the most popular fruits around the world, the mango. This cute mango birthday card is sure to bring a smile!

funny fruit card

Here is a funny fruit card with a cheeky grape characer. This grape card is sure to make people of all ages laugh who love a good pun.

avocado birthday card

Avocados are super popular among the vegan community and people who enjoy eating healthy foods. This avocado birthday card makes a great vegan card choice.

smoothie card

A cute smoothie birthday card that has berries on top and chia seeds mixed in. Perfect for those smoothie fans and healthy dieters that love a fruity glass of goodness.


Fruit love and friendship cards

cute watermelon card

Watermelon has to be one of my favourite fruits. Refreshing and hydrating, I love making a glass of watermelon juice. This cute watermelon card makes a fab, cute friendship card to show your best friend lots of appreciation.

funny tomato card

Here's a funny tomato greeting card, showing the tomato chilling out with its toes on display and the pun 'I love you from my head tomatoes'. This makes a great card for a loved one, family member or best friend.

cute berry card

Another super cute fruit card to send to you're best friend, partner or family member. This berry card features a cute, happy raspberry and blueberry in each others arms.

cute olive card

This cute olive greeting card is perfect for sending to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or even best friend. It makes a great anniversary card, valentines day card or even a cute birthday card.

cute pear card

Nothing compares to sending a romantic card to your loved one or very best friend. This cute pear card and pun packs all the punches of a classic, recognisable song by Sinead O'Connor.


Fruity occasion greeting cards

teacher thank you card

Leaving education and want to send your teacher a card? Here's a fun teacher thank you card for giving to your favourite teacher or tutor at the end of school / education.

cute thank you card

Lots of occasions lend themselves to sending thank you card such as weddings or parties. You might want to send thanks to someone that has helped you or stuck by you during a difficult time. This cute fruit thank you card has two cherry characters waving.

avocado baby card

Need to send a friend or family a congratulations on their new baby card? This avocado baby card could make the perfect choice.

I also have lots of funny and vegan birthday cards

Thanks cherry much for checking out my selection of cute fruit cards! Here's a similiar greeting card blog post full of other food puns that may interest you 'Funny food birthday cards'.

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