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Vegan Halloween Cards for sharing in 2021

vegan halloween cards

My Halloween movie cards also make fun vegan birthday cards...

Whats your favourite pop culture halloween movie? Do you prefer a more funny halloween film, one thats creepy and full or jumps or a gold old fashioned horror slasher movie? Whatever your preference, be sure to check out my small selection of vegan halloween cards on offer made in the UK.

What you will notice with my vegan halloween cards is that I have started to include food puns! Punny greeting cards is certainly something I specialise in! Check out my halloween cards below and see more movie greeting cards on my pop culture post.

Punny halloween cards

edward scissorhands card

Edward scissorhands has to be one of my all time favourite halloween movies. A tragic love story at heart! This edward scissorhands halloween card combined with the funny pun is sure to make fans of the movie laugh.

beetlejuice card

This has to be the perfect vegan halloween card, using beetroot juice as idea for this beetlejuice card! Again, such a classic 80s pop culture movie and great punny halloween card.

pulp fiction card

This is not technically a halloween card but going on the theme of food movie puns, I just love pulp fiction so thought I had to include this iconic movie character into the mix!

michael myers card

Here's a new halloween card for 2021! Michael Myers card from the classic slasher movie halloween. Turning the main protagonist into a bean, along with the pun makes it a classic punny card.

Classic halloween movie cards

hocus pocus card for halloween

One of my favourite halloween movies as a child, this 90's movie card is sure to bring back memories for lots of people. My hocus pocus illustration makes the perfect halloween card!

IT card

What's your favourite, the original or remake of IT? Whatever you choose this IT movie card sure is creepy with pennywise the clown!

nightmare before christmas card

One of the most loved halloween movies and of all time (and christmas for that matter), the nightmare before christmas; and one of my most popular halloween cards!

joker card

What is your favourite joker? Do you prefer the classic Jack Nicholson joker, the tragic heath ledger joker, the latest joaquin phoenix joker or any other? I have based this joker card off the joaquin phoenix movie as that was so hard hitting!

stranger things card

This halloween card is actually based off a netflix series. My stranger things card has to be one of my most popular greeting cards to date!


Check out my huge range of vegan birthday cards

If you enjoyed my collection of vegan halloween cards, then you will love my large range of vegan birthday cards! Be sure to check them out.

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