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Top 8 benefits of a plant based diet, my experience

benefits of a plant based diet

8 changes I noticed after adopting a plant based diet...

Whether you've just started looking into plant based diets or you have adopted a fully plant based and vegan lifestyle for a while; most people would agree, it has a positive effect on your life. I have benefited from not eating meat, dairy or eggs and this blog outlines the things I recognise as being attributed to being on a predominantly whole foods plant based diet.

Since changing my eating habits and starting a plant based diet and vegan lifestyle roughly 6 years ago, I have definitely felt positive improvements in my mind and body. Here are 8 benefits of a plant based diet from my own perspective.



I always remember my younger self having stomach cramps and pains and on one occasion, when I was a child, my mum took me to the doctors. He told me I had IBS and there is not much I can really do about it. Even back then I questioned this, and refused to believe I had a problem.

Now I look back and realise after I stopped eating all the heavy, fatty meats, too much bread or pastry and stopped dairy in my diet; my stomach aches are now very rare. I can honestly say that it's easy to diagnose someone with IBS, not offer a solution and people think they have to live with problems and have no way of improving. When really it can largely be prevented by eating more healthier plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.


When I was younger, I used to always eat chocolate cereals for breakfast. I would have a chocolate bar and crisps with a ham and cheese sandwich at lunch. Then when coming home I would often have another chocolate bar and eat something with meat and dairy in for tea! I was an absolute chocoholic and didn't realise how unhealthy I was!

Now that I eat mainly whole food plant based, (with the occasional vegan treat) I have noticed my teeth are cleaner. I am very conscious about my teeth and since improving my diet, eating much less junk; they have improved in colour. I now also brush my teeth with non chemical based toothpaste and I have a herb/spice mix which I add to the toothpaste.


At the height of my fitness routine I was juicing raw fruit and vegetables everyday, after watching 'Fat, sick and nearly dead'. I noticed a massive uplift in energy and I was bouncing around every day and wide awake late at night.

Now although I don't devote much time to juicing, I still notice that one of the benefits of a plant based diet and lifestyle is that my energy levels are much higher and I feel that I can focus for longer. I remember, at work I used to always feel tired and have a lull at the same time, around 3pm. I can't remember the last time that happened!

plant based juicing


I'll be honest... I haven't been to the gym in about 3 years! However, I have noticed how my body has stayed in good shape even without going to the gym every other day. I believe that eating whole foods plant based helps to keep your muscle in tact and keeps your body in a good shape.

When I was a regular gym goer, I felt that my body was in great condition, here's a great website about on staying fit on a plant based diet - 'Gamechangers'.

I remember I attended my first ever park run with a bunch of work colleagues who were all regular runners. Considering I had only been out running a few times before that, I was the person with the fastest time, I am quite a competitive person anyway, but it felt like a great boost to my lifestyle. At the time I put it down to my vest which said 'Plant Fueled'.

plant based runner


It is really sad when I hear a parent exclaim that their child has got constipation, when I know that they are given meat and dairy everyday and not enough fibre. I don't like having to hold my tongue, but unfortunately not everyone wants to hear the truth about eating healthy. When I was a child I remember having really painful constipation on a number of occasions. I thought I had something wrong with me and was took to the hospital! It turns out I wasn't eating enough fruit or vegetables. Constipation certainly isn't an issue on a plant based diet!


Since becoming vegan and eating plant based foods, my mind has been more focused and purposeful. I've never felt so empowered before in my life. I feel that learning about healthy eating, trying new foods and foods to avoid, has let me take back control of myself and makes me motivated to keep growing and learning more.

Eating a healthy plant based diet, I feel also helps to create a positive mindset and this in turn motivates me to encourage others to try healthy food options. I can think of numerous occasions, my circle of friends and family have all tried healthier food options and made small changes in their life since I went vegan.

I remember a few years back, my mum said that she could never give up dairy milk. Now she has been using plant based milk for a while! Small food changes in your life can help other people to think different.

healthy mind


It is not very often that I recall getting spots anymore. I am 33 so age might play part in that, but I do notice eating healthier foods with much less oil and saturated fats in my diet, without a doubt has a positive effect on our skin which is our bodies largest organ.

I remember meeting a girl about 5 years ago in Lush who had started eating more of a vegan and plant based diet and she mentioned that the benefits of it had shown to help reduce her Psoriasis skin condition. Obviously everyone has their own experiences and problems but this was really great to hear and only strengthened my devotion to eating healthy. Check out nutrition facts for more scientific positive benefits!


I can clearly remember before I was eating a whole foods plant based diet, it would be very common for me to catch a cold at least twice a year, which would usually last nearly a week. Now into roughly 6 years of eating plant based foods and I can only think of one cold that I have caught and it lasted about 2-3 days at most. This must be down to the healthy fruits and vegetables strengthening my immune system so that its harder for me to catch colds, but if I do catch a cold it doesn't seem to last very long at all!


Thank you for reading about my own personal benefits of a plant based diet...

Let me know what your experience has been like. As I appreciate everyone is different and some people may have had struggles or problems. It would be awesome if you could leave a comment, share this post or feel free to add the link to your site and I would love to know if you are on a plant based journey!

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