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Top 5 healthy vegan hacks

Here are my top 5 healthy vegan hacks for you to consider implementing for a healthy vegan food lifestyle / plant based diet without too much hassle involved. These super easy vegan hacks could help improve your overall vitality, without having to change any major habits!

1 - Add lemon to your water

Like many people, I am working from home most of the week so I find this healthy vegan food hack very easy to implement. I always add a small slice of lemon to my water in the morning and top it up throughout the day. It's quite refreshing and meant to have lots of health benefits, such as boosting the immune system, reduce inflammation and freshening breath, plus many more.


2 - Add seeds & powders to breakfast

breakfast powders

Whilst making your cereal in the morning (preferably with wholegrain cereal) as well as the usual nuts and berries, I always add flaxseeds, chia seeds and healthy powders such as 'wheatgrass, maca powder, cacao or spirulina. These are all widely available and all have different health benefits. Such an easy vegan food hack to add to your breakfast.

Or whilst making other vegan meals it is so easy to sprinkle some flaxseeds or sesame seeds onto the meal.


3 - A little nutritional yeast

nutritional yeast card

Its hard to imagine how I used to manage without nutritional yeast in my life. After becoming vegan and realising the need for everyone to have more B12 in their diet, it was great to come across nutritional yeast or nooch! I can't actually remember when I first tried this.

Keep a tub in your cupboard and sprinkle this cheesy flavour onto all your pasta and inside wraps, heck even eat it from a spoon. Nutrtional yeast has lots of vitamins to make this a great healthy food hack.


4 - Add more Herbs and spices

herbs and spices

For thousands of years people have been using herbs and spices to treat certain illnesses and as a medicine alternative. After all the saying goes 'let food be thy medicine. That's why I recommend adding more herbs and spices to your diet. Rather then making the usual meal, think about adding new herbs or spices to mix it up.

I always add turmeric and black pepper to most of my dishes as I know turmeric has lots of health benefits which are unleashed more when combines with black pepper. You can even use turmeric powder with your toothpaste to help keep the teeth healthy. I have a herbal mix from Sri Lanka that I add with my toothpaste when brushing. Just make sure to research the herbs / spices.


5 - Coconut oil

coconut oil vegan benefits

Instead of using cheap cooking oils of which there are many, try using coconut oil. There's no wonder some poorer nations, that have a simple way of living also have better health and diets. They have so much coconut in their diet. Atleast by using coconut oil it is much more natural and healthier then most other manufactured oils.

Also a good hack is that coconut oil can also be applied to your skin and hair as an additional beauty care product...


I hope you liked the top 5 healthy vegan hacks. Please leave a comment and share this post...

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