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Vegan Badges that are eco friendly

vegan badges

Plastic free vegan birthday badges

I now offer eco friendly vegan badges perfect as fun vegan gift accessories and could be added with one of my vegan birthday cards. Plastic free button badges are hard to find! These vegan accessories are also 100% biodegradable, when you no longer need them the front and back can be composted and the metal pin can be recycled.

What are the vegan badges made from?

The vegan badges are 56mm in size. The backing is made using wood and produced using solar energy and is 100% eco friendly. The mylar front coating is made from corn starch and is a plastic free badge. These are also perfect for vegan wholesale who are looking for some fun vegan accessories to stock.

Here's is a bright and simple vegan birthday badge, with the design coloured like an avocado. Great idea for an extra vegan birthday gift.

eco warrior badge

Here's the eco warrior badge with a cute orangutan holding the message. The perfect badge accessory for the environmental vegan and for animal lovers.

powered by plants badge

This plant power badge has a fun spinach leaf drawing. Makes a great gift for healthy plant based vegans who love eating lots of fruit, vegetables on a plant based diet!

vegan badge

This cute vegan badge is full of love with a green healthy heart. The perfect pin badge for giving to a vegan partner, loved one or best friend as a gift.

Say no to plastic button badge with a cute whale drawing. This say no to plastic badge helps spread awareness about plastic waste, about saving the oceans. This badge makes the ultimate plastic free gift!

friends not food pin badge

Vegan friends not food badge with a super cute pig illustration. Any proud vegan would love this badge for their birthday!

vegan running badge

A fun vegan running badge with a runner bean. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and runners, especially those that are part of a vegan running club.

All my cute vegan button badges are made by hand in the UK and come with a backing card, as per the photographs. So why not check these cute vegan accessories out and my other funny gifts out on my shop.

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