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Vegan Nursery & Play Room Decor

Cute child bedroom food themed art prints

Say hello to my cute vegan food prints which are great as nursery room decor, perfect for baby nursery rooms, play rooms and family rooms around the house such as kitchen decor. These art prints make a great fun vegan gift for a childs bedroom or for fans of all things cute and food puns!

Each print takes on the idea of healthy plant based food that have merged with an animal (such as aubergine and a bear), to make a cute combination and pun.

The cute prints are available as A4 prints on a high quality card and are ideal for putting into a frame on a shelf or as room wall art.

Below are some examples of the cute food prints and clickable links to each one on my online vegan gift shop...

These are sure to make a young child happy and put a smile on people who like cute art.

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Other fun vegan and plant based gift ideas

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