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Vegetable Christmas Cards

Vegetable Christmas Cards

A range of cute fruit & vegetable christmas cards

Here is my collection of funny vegetable christmas cards this year for 2021, featuring cute fruit and veg characters, with puns to get you all excited this festive christmas period!

If you would like to buy a selection of christmas cards I have mix and match option, on the main christmas card section. Just let me know which christmas cards you would like in the details of your order.

pak choi to the world

My latest vegetable christmas card for 2021 is 'Pak choi to the world', a super fun and cute card with a pak choi wrapped in christmas lights.

ginger christmas card

My other new vegetable christmas card is this fun Ginger all the way card! Ginger is such a great root vegetable and it has many health benefits. Therefore the Ginger card has to be one of my favourite food christmas cards this year.

avocado christmas card

My avocado christmas card is one of my all time best seller cards and is actually the first christmas card that I illustrated. This cute avo merry christmas pun is perfect for vegans and avocado fans.

berry christmas card

We wish you a berry christmas card with three cute fruit character, a blueberry, strawberry and blackberry, jumping for joy and super festive pun.

cauliflower christmas card

Here's one of my other most popular vegetable christmas cards 'tis the season to be cauli' with a funny cauliflower illustration and pun. Roasted cauliflower is one of my favourite vegetables to have during the christmas period.

More funny veg christmas cards...

Check out some more of my funny fruit and vegetable christmas cards below.

I have lots of funny greeting cards & vegan gifts

That's not all of my greeting cards! To see my full range of vegetable christmas cards, funny birthday cards and all my other unique vegan gifts, be sure to visit my main vegan store.

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