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My process of creating funny illustrated greeting cards

Updated: Jun 2

In this exciting blog article I will be explaining the process of how I create my funny, illustrated greeting cards from scratch to the finished cards that I have for sale on my greetings card website.

Hi my name is Dan and I am an illustrator, designer and owner of plant based cards. I love making people smile with my illustrations, food pun greeting cards and vegan gifts. As an illustrator, it is a real joy everytime someone orders one of my cards or gifts, knowing that they appreciate all the work that goes behind each one.

Think of cute & funny greeting card ideas then draw!

All of my greeting card pun ideas start out as a hand drawn sketch usually using a 2B Pencil. (Nothing can compare to a 2B pencil!) Sometimes it can take a long time to get a decent funny pun. I rack my brain of all the different meanings and related words to that specific food product. I use the thesaurus alot to find super awesome synonyms!

A good example of coming up with a pun idea for a birthday card is when I wanted to create a meditation / buddha card. I knew that I wanted to use my funny potato that I had illustrated and coloured beforehand as it was already meditating! But I couldn't think of a pun... See illustration process below.

Digital drawing of the food character (the fun part)

This potato shows how my sketches turn into life. Using adobe illustrator I draw up the sketches digitally with a graphics tablet and then colour it in adding shading and small details. This usually takes about an hour or so.

Now to come up with the card pun!

I quite liked the word 'spud' instead of potato, and then a lightbulb moment came to me... what word rhymes with spud? Bud!

When I finally thought of the food pun for the card I was ecstatic!

Potato... Spud... Bud... Buddha... Spuddha!!! And hey presto, the finished card is below! Meditate like a Spuddha, click / tap it if you like it that much and you'd like to buy the card!

Sending my greeting cards out

Rather then buying lots of printed greeting cards in; I print my cards individually on my own inkjet printer so it saves on wasting card and ink. I use environmentally friendly card which is 300 gram cardstock and a card scoring mat. I then add the finishing touches with a green envelope and recycled paper bag. My greeting cards are vegan friendly and sustainable as much as possible and I am always looking for improvements, for more information about me and my process click here.

Fancy checking out my greetings card range?

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my card design process. See my full selection of illustrated birthday cards, other occasion cards and gift ideas that I have for sale here... see my store.

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