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Food games for Autistic Children

Updated: May 25, 2020

Do you have a child on the autistic spectrum, who may struggle to eat certain foods and only like bland colour foods? My food games might be able to help autistic children and adults to improve their diet.

Fruit and vegetable top trumps is great for autistic children as it contains lots of interesting food information and data which can be memorised and they are very visual and creative. Also check out my food chart game could give children on the spectrum a routine to eating healthier foods by tallying up the healthy foods they're eating.

Here's a testimonial of how the food top trumps game helped a child on the autistic spectrum...

"My youngest son, aged 8, is on the Autism Spectrum. One of his issues involves food and he eats only food which is beige in colour, bland in taste and mostly crunchy in texture. I purchased the plant based top trumps cards as he loves Top Trumps and numbers.
He loved the cards and immediately it started conversations about food and the nutritional information on the cards.
This has been a big first step towards him becoming interested in trying new foods and understanding that foods contain nutrients and things that are good for us."

So if your child with autism is struggling to eat healthy food, click the games below to go to my store. I would also love to hear your feedback on how these worked for you...

Autistic Food Games

Plant Based Top Trumps - £9.99

If you’re looking for an autistic food game for your child or someone else, these top trumps are great.

With 54 cute illustrated food characters, health benefits and nutritional information their sure to have fun here and learn about foods at the same time.

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Plant Based Fussy Eating Game - £5.99

Super Foodies is the perfect game for autistic childen or fussy eaters or anyone wanting to try new foods and document it. It can take up to 10 times eating food until you or your child will like it! This game helps to make that fun and easier! The aim is to become a super foodie!

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Other gift ideas?

I hope you enjoy my autistic gift ideas. All my gifts are made using environmentally friendly card. See my full selection of gift ideas here... see my store.

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