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A day on a plant based diet

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a day in the life on a plant based diet? Well look no further. Here I will tell you exactly what I do on an average day and what it involves to be on a vegan and plant based diet.

Naturally I wake up at or before 5.55am. I have a drink of water to hydrate myself then take my dog Coco for a 20 minute walk. During the walk I focus on my breathing and on the current moment, attempting to mildly meditate. I then get in, feed Coco (which often includes plant based foods such as carrot, peppers and celery) and prepare my plant based diet breakfast, which looks something like this...

Plant based breakfast usually involves 100% wholegrain shredded wheat, a variety of nuts, seeds, blueberries, banana and any other berries I have (often strawberries). I then scatter powders on, such as maca, spirulina and everyone's favourite cacao powder.

After breakfast I prepare a vegan lunch for work. For lunch I usually have either fully packed wraps, couscous / pasta mixed with things or soup. Today I will show you a plant based wrap option...

sweet potato and black bean wrap

This wrap example is amazing! It contains roasted Sweet potato, black beans and kale mixed in a chipotle sauce. For my lunches I always try to include leafy greens, some form of legumes, (could be raw beans, hummus, falafel etc.), a few raw foods such as radishes, pepper, celery and finally seeds such as sesame seeds. Also I include nutritional yeast as it is high in B12 and very tasty.

I also make a snack pot which can include:

Dates, grapes, nuts and a few pieces of fruit.

Once I have prepared my vegan lunch I get ready for work and not forgetting to take some vegan vitamins / supplements. These are B12, iron and vitamin D during the winter. I also have iodine tablets once or twice a week which is the stuff that's in seaweed.

Before going to work I brush my teeth with aloe vera toothpaste and a bamboo toothbrush. And I put on a vegan roll-on deodorant, free from all the nasty chemicals!

I try to go for walks at dinner (if it's not raining) to release any stress built up and remove myself from the electrical office environment build up.

After a long day at work I look forward to my main plant based meal. Here's an example...

Spiralized courgette and cashew sauce meal

This meal is so damn delicious! It's from the 'how not to die' cookbook and I fully recommend it. It's so simple. Basically spiralizing 3-4 courgettes and steaming them for 5 minutes. Then mix them in a pan with tomatoes and a sauce which is made from cashews, avocado, nutritional yeast, lemon and water; it's like plant based heaven!

That's it! Sometimes I do have a cheeky pudding now and then, which is usually vegan yoghurt mixed with fruit, nuts, chia/flax seeds and topped with my favourite... Lotus biscoff spread, naughty!

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