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Vegan & Plant Based Weekly Roundup - 27/06/21

Your Weekly Roundup of vegan news & plant based stories from all over the world. Saving animals, eating healthier...

1. Canada Goose to go Fur Free by 2022

canada goose to go fur free

Luxury fashionable winter coats brand 'Canada Goose' is to go Fur Free by 2022, which is fantastic news in reducing animal cruelty in the fashion industry. PETA have also announced the are now suspended campaigns against Canada Goose because of this positive news.

Source: Image Credit: Courtesy

2. 'Vegan Shack' a McDonald's inspired vegan takeaway opens branch in Manchester

vegan shack manchester takeaway

Vegan shack are now open every day 7am - 6pm in Piccadilly Gardens, taking inspiration from McDonalds with a breakfast menu and saver menu during lunchtime and

Source: Image Credit: @veganshackuk / Instagram

3. Manchester United's Jesse Lingard embracing a plant based diet...

jesse lingard plant based diet

Manchester United's player Jesse Lingard is one of many sports stars who are embracing a plant based diet and promoting the health benefits of it. He said “Plant-based foods are always going to be a good fuel component and put you into a really good mode going into a game, so I make sure to have as much as possible.”.

Source: Image Credit: Independent

4. Vegan dad wins soya milk battle against Primary School

soya milk dad battle

A Primary School in Solihull has U-turned on school policy of only offering cow’s milk or water after a vegan dad, whose 5-year-old was banned from bringing soya milk into school, turned to The Vegan Society to help fight his case.

Source: Image Credit: Vegan Society

VEG1 vegan society

The Vegan Society rebrands VEG 1 to a plastic free version and web shop visits increase 87% as a new survey reveals 1 in 4 Brits fail to supplement vitamin D - despite the recommendations from the NHS.

Source: Image Credit: Vegan Society


Hi I am Dan, the vegan creator of Plant Based Cards. My aim is to promote a healthy plant based diet and veganism. I like to create food related vegan gift ideas and funny vegan birthday cards.




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