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Other foods mushroom snack - Review

other foods mushroom snacks

Super crunchy mushroom snacks

I first found out about these snacks from the TheVeganKind subscription box, in which there was a small sample pack of the crunchy shiitake mushrooms pack above. I was intrigued about these slowly baked, savoury mushroom snacks; so I decided to immediately try them out...

Before I started eating a plant based and vegan diet I was reluctant to eat much mushroom and I am still adapting my taste buds to appreciate them more, however these healthier snack options have certainly paved the way for me to enjoy mushrooms in a different way. They are super tasty and very crunchy! The one thing about mushrooms I've always found hard to enjoy is the texture, yet these mushroom snacks fix that problem for me!

Ladies fingers - Okra for me

Even though I would happily eat the mushroom snacks on a regular basis I also really enjoyed the Ladies fingers 'Okra' snack. I had the pleasure of eating lots of Okra in Sri Lanka and I really loved the taste. It is great to also eat it in this snack form as there isn't much Okra around in the supermarkets, here in the UK. You should definitely try these Ladies fingers snacks, they're sooo good and again, really crunchy!

Mushroom for choice...

So far there looks to be four flavours in total by Other foods, of which I bought all of them, to try out. The other two mushrooms pictured above are just as delicious as the shiitake mushrooms, just different shapes and sizes. I guess it comes down to your personal choice and preference of mushrooms. I'm sure each mushroom also has differing health benefits too, each pack counts of one of your five - ten a day! Check their tasty snacks out on this link and be sure to get some from one of their stockists.

I hope you liked my thoughts on these other foods mushroom snacks.

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