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Eco Friendly Gifts & Recycled Birthday Cards

My 100% recycled birthday cards and eco friendly gifts, aim to put a smile on your face with funny puns and cute characters with the main theme around eating a healthy diet. I post everything out using plastic free packaging. I am an eco conscious illustrator, always looking to make improvements to have the least impact possible on the environment with everything I do in my life. Check out my environmental choices and process below.

100% Recycled Birthday Cards

My greeting and birthday cards are now all printed on uncoated stock and made from 100% recycled card, which can be recycled or reused afterwards. I print the card designs out at home to save on unnecessary printing and storing of excessive stock, saving on waste. This also means I fold and score the cards by hand which is saving on energy from a machine in a factory.

The colourful envelopes I use are all FSC environmental approved, which comes from sustainable sources where they grow even more trees to replace ones that are cut down and it is also fully recyclable afterwards.

Eco friendly card posting

When I post my greeting cards and gifts out I use eco friendly compostable tape. This avoids using either adhesive labels or plastic sticky tape. I also use recycled woodland trust paper to put the postage address on.

Vegan Gifts in eco friendly packaging

It's not just my greeting cards which use plastic free packaging and eco friendly options. When it comes to sending out my vegan gifts, I also use recycled, eco friendly box packaging with shredded filler and recycled paper. When I launch further new products, using eco friendly packaging options is just as important to me as the item itself.

Plastic free badges

Here is a new eco friendly product I launched for 2021. These are plastic free button badges and are made from wood and corn starch. They are also made using solar energy, and are compostable with the metal pin on the back being recyclable.

Check out my other eco friendly gift ideas

I hope my eco friendly process and recycled cards help reassure you about how dedicated I am to helping the environment. Feel free to check out my eco friendly greeting cards and vegan gift ideas on my fun online store... CLICK HERE

Or check out my blog posts on the ultimate vegan greeting cards and plastic free badges below:



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