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Save the Bees Sticker & how I saved a Bee

Here is a story about how I saved a little bee and how it inspired me keep a look out and try to save more bees in the future...

After a long week of heavy rain it was finally dry on a saturday morning. I decided to scoop the rain water from the top of my plastic green house into the water butt. It was that moment when I noticed a bee floating & spinning upside down in the puddle of water. I quickly scooped the bee out with a bucket a placed her onto the floor.

save the bees. Bee drinking
Bee drinking water mixed with sugar

As the floor was wet, I ran into the kitchen grabbed some kitchen paper and guided the bee onto it to help it dry out. The bee was clearly distressed and in a really bad condition. Quickly checking on my phone what to do, I then grabbed a teaspoon and put a small amount of sugar with some drops of water mixed on it. The bee rested on the edge of the spoon and amazingly started to drink which you can see on image above.

After a few minutes she started to move more and drying herself. I transferred the bee back onto the paper towel, were she continued to dry groom herself and dry off (shown below).

Bee drying itself
Bee drying itself

A few minutes after this, she started buzzing and finally flew off into the woodlands behind my house! It was such a joy and a sense of achievement that I was able to help her live for another day.

The environment we live in must be much more difficult for bees to live in. I reacted quickly to a situation and she probably only had minutes if not seconds left to live. I posted my save the bee video on twitter and was amazed at all the positive responses I received.

save the bees on twitter
save the bees on twitter

From all the responses, I decided to create a save the bees sticker, to help promote that bees need our help and to be aware of certain situations like this one. This save the bees sticker is available now and can be used on laptops, water bottles, fridges etc. There is also an amazing bee product from bevive below. It is a miniature bee feeder for when you see a tired or struggling bee, such a great idea!

beevive save the bees product



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