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Plant Based Gifts 2020: Vegan friendly gift ideas

Updated: Jul 13

Unique fun plant based gifts and vegan themed gifts for vegan friends, family or yourself.

It's a great time to be on a plant based and vegan diet. There are so many options and choices becoming available. Check out my range of plant based gifts and vegan friendly gift ideas to choose from.

Plant Based Gifts

Plant Based Top Trumps - £9.99

If you’re looking for a cute vegan gift for someone or a vegan game to play as a family, these top trumps are perfect.

With 54 cute illustrated food characters, health benefits and nutritional information your sure to have fun here and educate people at the same time.

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Plant Based Colouring Book - £4.99

This cute plant based colouring book has 14 pages of plant based colouring fun! Not only that but all the food characters say an interesting fact and health benefit. Perfect for school children and colouring book fans alike.

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Plant Based ABC Alphabet Poster - £4.99

Here's a super cute and educational plant based ABC Alphabet poster. Perfect for childrens rooms, kitchens or home school? The fruit and veg alphabet poster is available to buy as a digital download. So print it out at home up to A4 size or get it printed larger, any scaled up size at a printers.

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Plant Based Fussy Eating Game - £4.50

Super Foodies is the perfect game for childen (or adults) that are fussy eaters or want to try new foods and document it. It can take up to 10 times eating food until you or your child will like it! This game helps to make that fun and easier! The aim is to become a super foodie! Available as a digital download or printed version.

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Plant Based Stickers - £1.99

These cute plant based stickers and vegan stickers are perfect little gifts for adding to laptops, tablets, fridges and many other things. These will sure spread the message about healthy food and plant based diets.

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Plant Based Greeting Cards - £2.50

There are lots of plant based themed greeting cards on offer here, price includes free deliver. These cute illustrated food greeting cards will surely brighten someones day and guaranteed to make them smile! With 3 for the price of 2, a fab offer for any plant based fan.

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Avocado Pin Badge - £4.99

Avocado fans out there... This avocado pin badge is so cute and would make the perfect vegan gift for avocado lovers or pin badge collectors. This high quality avocado enamel pin badge is perfect to put on bags, jackets, jumpers, guitar straps to name a few...

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Happy Plant Based Prints - £2.50

Super cute selection of art prints called 'Happy Veganimals'. A combination of an animal and a vegetable. Each one has a positive message on the front with a story and definition on the back. Great collectible gift with all the different characters and positive messages.

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I hope you enjoy my unique vegan gifts and plant based gift ideas. All my plant based products are made using environmentally friendly card. I also where possible, use plastic free packaging and wrapping for all of my cards and other plant based themed gifts.

Check out my full selection of plant based gift ideas here... see my store.

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