Plant Based Cards

Cute Vegan Greeting Cards & Plant Based Thank you cards

avocado birthday card

At Plant Based Cards, I create funny healthy vegetable cards and greeting cards. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, these cute vegan cards have food characters based on fruit, vegetable, nuts, and legumes which are all part of a plant based diet. I hope to inspire people to eat healthier and enjoy a balanced plant based, vegetarian or vegan diet.

My designs currently include funny food cards for Christmas and Birthday/Thankyou cards. Further greeting cards will be added to the collection in the near future.

All the cards are bespokely illustrated greeting cards, professionally printed, onto a high quality 350gram stock. Each healthy food card has its own personality. As the range develops, I hope to create other vegan gifts to go along with the cards. Vegan gifts such as stickers, fabric characters, as well as special edition greeting cards.

Feel free to browse the plant based card shop and if you have any questions or requirements, just send me an email and I will soon get back to you.

Plant Based Diet

It all started when my sister asked me to create an illustrated Avocado Christmas Card. Once I created the style which she loved, I decided to create more vegetable food cards! This lead to a range of six plant based christmas cards.

My wife and I have enjoyed a Vegan / Plant Based Diet for over 2 years now. We notice the positive effects these food groups have brought to our lives, both physically and mentally. Previously, we were both heavy meat and dairy eaters, but we immediatly started cutting it out of our lives, once we started watching documentaries. We then did our own research to discover the overwhelming negative effects that meat and dairy can have on us!

Eating plant based foods is now a large part of our lives and thats why I created Plant Based Cards.

To keep up to date with the latest characters, check out my blog or follow my facebook page.
I also have an Etsy store with the plant based card designs also available to buy there.

falafel card